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Building growth

During software development we help our clients to achieve their business goals with the latest web and mobile technologies

Project-based software development has been one of Corvex’s key core competencies since the foundation of the company. From the beginning, we are constantly adapting to current trends in development, including technologies and methodologies.

Development with business knowledge

Our own and custom R&D, software localization, development of ERP basic modules, customizations, standardized add-on components are all on our palette.

The real strength of Corvex’s software development – beyond high-quality, up-to-date technological knowledge – is its deep knowledge of business processes. Knowledge of all areas of the ERP world, logistics, operations of banks, insurance companies and financial service providers, and the IT challenges of the FinTech world, is what enables us to provide a highly competitive service in our project-based developments to customers in Hungary and Europe.



In the course of software development we mostly work with agile methodology, always adapted to the specific project requirements. At the start of the project, Corvex and the customer jointly determine the basic parameters like length of sprints, development milestones, key players.


We recommend the use of a Jenkins CI server to perform automated build, unit test, and code verification tasks. If necessary, it can also be used to automate the releases required during project milestones.

Task and issue tracking

To handle software development tasks and bugs, we recommend using our own Jira system, which provides full support for agile methodology development projects. Jira also supports project-related organizational and project management tasks.


For our clients’ projects, we can provide infrastructure in our cloud environment for the ticket management system (Jira) and version control software (SVN, Git), but we can also work with systems provided by the client.

Business process management

When developing applications, we strive to separate technology elements, business processes and calculations, and to enable the means of smooth customizations in all layers of the architecture. To this end, the technological elements are implemented in a separate web service layer, which makes an independent functional and load testing possible. Business processes and calculations are planned in BPMN2-based models supported by a drawing tool, in which we use a transparent and adaptable – rule-based – tool to parameterize the calculations.


To ensure smooth and transparent communication, we delegate a lead developer to each project or client, who becomes the primary contact for the client, and coordinates the work of other developers involved in the project.

Specification and system concept

Requirements and customer demands are managed, tasks are specified and planned using a UML-based tool (Sparx Enterprise Architect) – the resulting implementation concept can be extracted into DOC/PDF format for easier use. For UML-based documentation, we build each model according to the ICONIX methodology.

Do you need programming? 

Our products

GCH Clearing House

The Corvex clearing house is a multi-purpose and multi-registry transaction and account management system that can perform settlements with minimal restrictions, with (almost) arbitrarily defined settlement types.

CVX Framework

The elements of the framework also use each other’s functionality where possible. Elements can be combined in different configurations and tailored to the specific environment.