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Product - catalogue application for mobile devices. The ERP systems designed for trading companies enhances marketing activities in the booming smartphone segment. Corvex finished the R&D task with a promising pilot project; the company is planning to implement the app home and abroad by involving further capital both in inland and abroad.

ic_launcher_trans.pngThe company has developed a marketing system called SmartCat, enabling shops to present their product range on smartphones. This solution does not require large investments on devices at your company, it can be integrated easily, it is available both in multitenant architecture and separately. This solution requires few resources from the companies; it is easily integrable and available both as an outbuilding into a multi-tenant and as a separate installation. The advanced cross-platform development supports Android and the Apple (iOS) smartphones as well.

Corvex is planning to further develop and extend this solution on diverse platforms with own resources and by raising further capital. The company intends to launch the system home and abroad relying on the experience gained during the piloting of its prototype.

Technology stack

Client side: HTML-JS-CSS, XUI, HaBrs, Our own JS MVC FW, PhoneGap

Serverside: WAMP (with PHP), Yii MVC FW

Build and instance management scripts

Own developed products

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