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Log 2.0

Log 2.0 allows customers to remain in full control at all times when a large number of objects need to be recorded. At the same time, important parameters for each object can be recorded and accessed via RFID. The spectrum of possibilities includes life cycle records, inspection dates, and even the recording of temperature and vibrations during transport.


Log 2.0 carrier

The carrier management is influenced by a variety of challenges. Carrier loss and dirty and defective carriers cause high costs. Wrong carrier inventories lead to faulty planning, which necessitates expensive and unnecessary ad hoc measures. Log 2.0 carrier allows a significant reduction of costs for carrier management – on the one hand by simplifying and security of processes, on the other hand by the cost share of the originator of loss and damage.

Log 2.0 cold chain

Cold chain management presents a variety of challenges. The most important task is the continuous observance of the cold chain. Up to 20% of foodstuff has to be disposed of before it reaches the consumer. Good products can only be distinguished from spoiled products manually. Replacing spoiled goods is both expensive and time-consuming. The cold chain modules are available for food, pharma and blood delivery processes.

Log 2.0 proof

In order to guarantee maximum safety for your workforce and your material assets, you need to be able to carry out accurate safety checks and maintain complete documentation of the test results. Therefore, Log 2.0 proof assists you in all aspects of your inspection service, ranging from identification of the test item to an audit-compliant logging of data for the client. This creates trust in your service and increases customer loyalty.


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