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Account Managment System

It is a scalable, stable financial system which can be used as a central module of transactional or bank account management systems. 

  • Management of Clients or Operators - Private and business client types; Dedicated operators who are authorized to act on behalf of business client.
  • Account management - System knows all account management functions which are available in batch mode or via web browser.
  • Transaction (bank transfer) - Giro, Viber, Swift, Visa, etc transfer services for all clients' accounts.
  • Transaction limits - System is able to supervise account's limit and allow or stop transaction in terms of rules like minumum balance or maximum transfered value.
  • Currency, Currency rate - Account managemet system works with multiple currencies with their actual rates. All rate has validity. Currency rate values can be maintained automatically or manually.
  • Transaction History - All operations and transactions are logged. History reports are available for authorized users.