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General Clearing House

General Clearing House (GCH) is an account management and transaction settlement system for general purpose. It is a transaction settlement and account management system which can be tailored for any kind of use. GCH system is able to handle multiple balance bank records.

Shopping center cards, settlement among members of a commercial chain or CityCard use are the most typical examples where the GH system provides a central transaction management solution.

Development project has been funded by Hungarian Government in an Operative Program (GOP-1.1.2-07/1-2008-0001) in collaboration with Debreceni Informatikai Kutató-fejlesztő Központ Szolgáltató Non-profit Kft.

Some type of use

University CARD - GCH system integrated with Netlock Intelligent cardmanagement and cell phone balance management systems provides a coplex service for students and employees of a university. A complex system can provide an easy to use service in Identification, Entry, payment services (in Cantine), e-management of University administration, bicycle loaning, public transportation areas, where "One Card" can be used and the service providers get their fee through the GCH system. The traansactions can also be used in Loyalty Points programs - recording the spent amounts for all service provides separately.

WebTachograph - WebTachograph is a cloud based online tachograf-evaluation system which helps to operate car-fleets and registers and archives car-movement (traffic) data regulated in laws. It also works with pre-paid data or balances - using GCH capabilities.

e-Cafeteria - Paper based Cafeteria service can be replaced by e-Cafeteria solution. It is aslo a GCH based system which manages several type of transactions and handles balance managements for service providers.

Cafeteria is a non-wage type of compensation what the employer can pay for employees. Cafetria funds can be used for paying foods, cultural programs and sport activities.

Own developed products

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